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To clean thoroughly; to wash or wipe off. Latin “detergere”=to wipe off < “de-“=away + “tergere”=to wipe.

Things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. Latin “ephemera” < Greek “efemeros”=lasting only one day (referring to a fever) < “epi-“=upon + “imera”=day.

A thin kind of goat-skin leather used for gloves. Diminutive of French “chevre”=goat < Latin “capra”=she-goat.

Bodily organ that produces a substance that the body needs, such as hormones, sweat, or saliva. Old French “glandre” < Latin “glandula” < “glans”=acorn (referring to the shape of some glands).

A medical device for taking blood from someone‚Äôs body or putting liquid, drugs etc. into it, consisting of a hollow plastic tube and a needle. Latin “siringa” < Greek “surinx”=a pipe, channel, or tube.

Hard work (noun) or to work hard (verb), chiefly British English. C17th meaning the depth of earth that can be dug up at once with a spade. Possibly from Old Norse “groftr”=digging < Old Germanic “grov”=to dig.

A small, benign, dark spot or lump on a person’s skin. Old English “mal”=a discolored spot, particularly on cloth, linen, etc.

A state of temporary suspension; a period when something stops happening before starting again. Anglo-Norman “abeiaunce”=legal term for the state of waiting for a claimant of property < Latin “ad”=towards + “badere”=to gape (open mouthed in anticipation).

A bowl with small holes in it, used for washing food or for emptying food into when it has been cooked in water. Middle English “colyndore” < Latin “colare”=to strain.

A Latin American dance similar in rhythm to the rumba; a voodoo priestess. American Spanish “mambo” < Haitian Creole “mambo”=a ritual voodoo dance.

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