“Cheers” or “Good Health” < German “prost” < Latin “prosit” < “prodesse”=may it benefit; to be of value.

A bed or low soft seat without a back or arms. Turkish “divan” < Persian “diwan”=bench.

Cows and bulls kept on a farm for their meat or milk. Old French “chattel”=property < Latin “capitalis” < “caput”=head.

To give someone something of great value. Middle English “bistowen”=put in place < Old English “be-“=intensifier + “stowen”=to place.

In music, played quickly. Italian “presto”=soon, in a short time < Latin “praesto”=close at hand, ready.

Thick white liquid produced by some plants used to make rubber, glue etc. Latin “latex”=water, fluid < Greek “lataks”=drop of wine

Convex, rounded; of the moon, just over half showing. Latin “gibbus”=hump + “-ous”=adj-forming suffix; having the qualities of.

A subject people talk or write about. Latin “topica” < Greek “topika” < “topos”=a place.

A prescribed course of food; the foods one eats. Old French “diete” < Latin “dieta” < Greek “diaita”=a way of life.

An angry and loud speech, often of denouncement. French “tirade”=long speech < Italian “tirata”=a volley < tirare”=to pull, stretch