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An object thought to have a special spiritual connection with a tribe or group. Algonquian/Ojibwa “auotem” or “toodaim”=a mark.

Domed or pointed tent used by Native Americans. Ojibwa “wigwaum” < Algonquian “wikiwam”=their house.

South American fruit-eating mammal with prehensile tail. French “quincajou” by mistake from < Algonquian “kwingwaage”=wolverine.

Thin North American bread made of maize flour and cooked in hot ashes. Algonquian “apones”=bread.

Cannibalistic giant of Algonquian Indian mythology. Obijwa “wintiko” < ?Proto-Algonquian “*wintekowa”=owl.

Name of Native Americans in the Salem, Mass. region of the US. Algonquian “naumkeag”=fishing place.

North American slang for money. From Algonquian “wampumpeag” < “wampampiak”=white beads < “wamp”=white + “ampi”=beads.

Large deer-like animal with large antlers, found in N. America and N. Europe. From Algonquian “moos”=he strips off.

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