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Round green vegetable with edible buds and leaves. Spanish “alcarchofa” < Arabic “al-karsufa” < “al”=the + “karsufa.”


Sweet sugary drink often with alcohol. French “julep” < Latin “julapium” < Arabic “julab” < Persian “gul-ab” <gul=rose + “ab”=water.

An indigo dye, from the Indigo shrub. Spanish “anik” < Arabic “al-nil” < “al”=the + Sanskrit “nila”=dark blue.

Referring to meat prepared as required by Muslim law. Arabic “halal”=”lawful.”

Chess piece like a castle tower. Old French “rok” < Arabic “rukk” < Persian “ruc” < ?Sanskrit “ratha”=chariot (original piece).

A distilling apparatus with a gourd-shaped container and a cap with a long beak. Latin “alembicus” < Arabic “al-anbiq”=the still.

Smooth shiny substance from inside a mollusc shell; mother-of-pearl. Latin “nacchara” < ?Arabic “naccara”=small drum.

A recess in the wall of a room. French “alcove”=niche above a bed in a bedroom < Arabic “al-qubba”=the vault.

A shallow, vain, or conceited person. Old French “papgai”=ornamental representation of a parrot < Arabic “babbaga”=parrot.

The nape of the neck. French “nuque” < Latin “nucha”=neck, spinal cord < Arabic “nuka”=spinal marrow.