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Someone given land to live on by a lord in return for promising to work or fight for him. Old French “vasal” < Latin “vassallus”=man-servant, retainer. Of Celtic origin, possibly Celtic “*wosto-“=boy, servant.

A poet. Gaelic and Irish “bard” < Old Celtic “*bardo”=poet-singer, minstrel. A term on contempt in the C16th.

An aquatic monster in Welsh mythology. Welsh “afanc”=water monster or beaver < Celtic “*abankos” < “ab”=water, river.

A child who skips school without permission. Middle English “truont”=an idler; vagabond. Probably ultimately Celtic in origin.

Band worn around the leg to keep up a stocking. Old French “gartier” < “garet”=the bend of the knee <?Celtic “gar”=leg-bone or ham.

Type of dulcimer or primitive zither used in Middle Ages church music. Anglo-Norman “rote” < Latin “rota” < Celtic “crot.”

End point in a race, both physically and metaphorically. Obscure origin, possibly Old English “gal”=goal or even Celtic “gasla”=stone

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