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A Chinese puzzle made from a square cut into seven pieces that can be arranged to make other shapes. Uncertain origin but perhaps Mandarin “tang”=Chinese + Greek “gram”=something written, a letter shape.

A small boat used in China and Southeast Asia. Chinese “sanpan” < “san”=three + “pan”=board.

Act in an excessively subservient way. Chinese “k’o-t’ou” < “k’o”=knock + “t’ou”=head. Chinese custom of bowing in respect.

Dark colored variety of China tea. Chinese “wulong” < “wu”=black + “long”=dragon, imperial.

Pronounced “chee,” the life force and life energy of Chinese philosophy. Chinese “qi”=breath, air, life energy.

A can with a lid, for tea, water, tobacco, biscuits, etc. Corruption of “catty” < Malay-Javanese “kati”=Chinese weight of 625 grams.

Drink made from infusion of leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant. From Chinese Amoy dialect “te” < ancient Chinese “kia.”

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