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The animals living in a particular area or period in history. Latin “Fauna”=the sister of Faunus, god of forest, plains and fields, worshiped by shepherds and farmers.

A false report or slander promoted for political purposes. Eponym named for a fictitious author, Baron von Roorback, created by an abolitionist newspaper in Ithaca, NY, in 1844.

A breech-loading, center-fire needle-gun adopted as the rifle of the French army in 1866. Named after its designer Antoine A. Chassepot (1833–1905).

A corded ribbon used for stiffening clothes or hats. Named for Lord Petersham (1790–1851), English army officer, a Regency period fashionista.

A small plant with blue or purple flowers that grows in mountain areas. Latin “gentiana” < Gentius, King of Illyria, who is said to have discovered the plant’s medicinal properties.

Short description of a book for promo purposes. Eponymous from fictional “Belinda Blurb” invented by writer Gelett Burgess in 1914.

A clockwork model of the solar system, invented by George Graham. Eponym, named in honor of Charles Boyle, the 4th Earl of Orrery.

A hard, black, glassy volcanic rock. Latin “obsianus” < “Obsius”=a Roman who found such a stone in Ethiopia.

Drink made from port, sugar, lemon, and hot water. Eponym after Col. Francis Negus (d. 1732) who reputedly invented it.

An actor or actress: Eponym from Greek “Thespis,” the traditional father of Greek tragedy (C6th BCE), hence related to drama in general.

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