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An actor or actress: Eponym from Greek “Thespis,” the traditional father of Greek tragedy (C6th BCE), hence related to drama in general.

Short, coat-like sweater fastened down the front. C19th eponym after James Brudenel, 7th Earl of Cardigan whose troops wore them.

English hard felt hat with a dome-shaped top. Eponym named after Thomas Bowler, and English hatter who designed it in 1850.

Close-fitting one-piece garment worn by acrobats and dancers. Eponym from French trapeze artists Jules Leotard (1830-1870).

Fast-food chain named from the sound of the company’s founders, the Raffel Brothers (RBs), Forrest and Leroy.

International coffee company named after the character “Starbuck” in Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick.”

Office services company named after the nickname of its founder, Paul Orfalea, called “Kinko” because of his curly hair.

A strict disciplinarian. Eponym from Jean Martinet (d.1672) whose drills and training shaped the army of Louis XIV.

Mexican plant with red leaves used a a Christmas decoration. Names after US ambassador to Mexico, Joel Poinsett (1779-1851).

Mineral spring thought to have health-giving properties. From “Spa,” a town in Liege, Belgium, which has a health-giving spring.

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