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An angry and loud speech, often of denouncement. French “tirade”=long speech < Italian “tirata”=a volley < tirare”=to pull, stretch

Fearless and adventurous; daring and brave. French “intrepide” < Latin “intrepidus” < “in-“=not + “trepidus”=alarmed.

To rob a place with violence, usually in wartime. French “pillage”=booty < Latin “pilagium”=the act of robbery or plundering.

Dark or dull in color or tone; gloomy. French “sombre” < Latin “sub”=under + “umbra”=shade.

Brilliance, acclaim, social success. French “eclater”=to burst out < Proto-Germanic “*slitana”=to split apart, cut up.

A mounted soldier, a horseman. French “cavalier” < Italian “cavaliere” < “cavallo”=horse < Latin “cabballus”=horse.

Uncertain, unsure, or unclear in nature. French “vague” < Latin "vagus"=wandering, inconsistent.

A quick, witty reply.. French “riposte”=a return thrust in fencing < Italian “riposta”= a reply < Latin “respondere”=to reply.

Strengthen or support physically or mentally. French “soustenir” < Latin “sustinere” < “sub”=from below + “tenere”=to hold.

To erase a mark from a surface; to remove. French “effacer” < Latin “ex”=out, away from + “facies”=face.