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A cruel, rough, insensitive, or violent person. French “brut” < Latin “brutus”=heavy, dull, irrational.


A long, angry and critical speech. French “tirade”= a pull, shot, or volley < Italian “tirata”=volley < “tirare”=to pull.

A small group of people with shared interests or tastes. French “coterie”=a group of peasant land-holders < Latin “coterius”=tenant.

Easily led, taught, or controlled; submissive. French “docile”=teachable < Latin “docilis”=easily taught < “docere”=to teach.

The movement of goods and/services between people. French “trafique” < Italian “traffico” < ?Latin “transficare”=to transact.

A dish consisting of oatmeal or other cereal boiled in water or milk. Alteration of “pot(t)age”=a thick soup < French “potage” < Old French “potage”=something that is put into a pot.

Soup, especially a thick soup made from vegetables, meat, etc. French “potage” < Old French “potage”=something that is put into a pot.

Wide piece of loose material that men wear around their necks. French “Cravate”=Croat, because of the scarf worn by Croatian mercenaries in France.

To waste away, especially as a result of the breaking down of cells. French “atrophier” < Latin “atrophia” < Greek “a-“=without + “trofi”=food, nourishment.

A small, fast, and lightly armed military ship. French “fr├ęgate” < Italian “fregata”=a light, swift, rowing boat.

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