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The white of an egg, or preparations made from the white of an egg. French “glaire” < Latin “clarus”=clear, bright.


To feel extreme sadness, usually because of a death. French “grever”=to burden, press heavily on < Latin “gravis”=heavy, burdensome.

With reference to; concerning. French “a propos”=to this purpose < Latin “a”=to + “proponere”=to propose, set out.

A repeated or extra performance at the end of a concert. French “encore”=still, again < ?Latin “hanc horam”=until this hour.

A small toothed wheel that fits into a larger wheel. French “pignon” < “peigne”=comb < Latin “pecten”=comb.

Short sword with curved blade that widens toward the point. French “cimiterre” < probably from Persian “samsir”=lion’s claw.

Not honorable; mean or sordid. French “ignoble” < Latin “ignobilis” < “in-“=not + “gnoblis”=well-known, of high birth.

The process of wearing away. French “erosion” < Latin “erosionem” < “erodere”=to destroy slowly < “e-“=out + “rodere”=to gnaw.

An angry and loud speech, often of denouncement. French “tirade”=long speech < Italian “tirata”=a volley < tirare”=to pull, stretch

Fearless and adventurous; daring and brave. French “intrepide” < Latin “intrepidus” < “in-“=not + “trepidus”=alarmed.