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To talk with someone. French “converser”=to talk with, to pass ones life, to move to and fro < Latin “conversare”=to turn oneself about.


The feature where a word can have multiple meanings. French “polysémie” < Latin “polysemus” < Greek “polisemos”=having any meanings < “poly”=many + “sima”=sign or mark.

An unfair practice where powerful people give jobs and favors to relatives. French “népotisme” < Italian “nipote” < Latin “nepos”=nephew.

In international politics, a coming-together to start or re-start a good relationship. French “rapprochement”coming together < “re-“-back, again + “approcher”=to come near.

aeronef: A flying machine, especially a balloon or an airplane/aeroplane. French “aeronef” < Greek “aero”=of the air + French “nef”=ship.

A heelless slipper, typically of an oriental style. French “babouche” < Turkish “pabuc”=slipper < Persian “papos” < “pa”=foot + “pos”=covering.

An enthusiastic display of friendliness or enthusiasm. French “empressement”=excitement < “empresser”=to rush eagerly < Latin “imprimere” < “im-“=toward + “primere”=to push, press.

A film director who influences their films so much that they rank as their author. French “auteur”=author, originator < Latin “auctor”=person with the power to make a decision or action.

An iron-headed club used for lifting a ball high or for medium distances; a number 5 iron. Possibly from Scottish “mash hammer”=a hammer for breaking up stones < French “masse”=sledgehammer.

A tiny aggregate of a mineral in sedimentary rock, usually occurring in a round cluster. French “framb(oise)”=raspberry (a reference to the shape) + Greek “oeidis”=having the appearance of, looking like.

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