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The way someone’s hair is styled and cut. French “coiffer”=to dress the hair < Old French “coiffe” < Latin “cuffia”=a close-fitting cap covering the top, back, and sides of the head.


A barrier of continuous artillery fire concentrated in a given area to prevent the advance or retreat of enemy troops; a barrier. French “barrer”=to bar, block < Latin “barra”=a straight piece of wood or other rigid material + “-age”=noun-forming suffix.

Done in a sensible, well thought out manner; showing good judgement. French “judicieux” < Latin “judicium”=judgment < “jus”=law + “dicere”=to speak. say.

The act of pulling out or eradicating hair. French “épilation” < Latin “ex-“=out + “pilus”=hair.

The pieces that are left when something breaks, falls apart, or disintegrates. French “détritus” < Latin “deterere”=to wear or rub away.

A tendency to revert to an earlier state of existence. French “atavisme”=resemblance to one’s grandparents or more remote ancestors < Latin “atavus”=a great-grandfather’s grandfather, or simply an ancestor.

A manner of pride and arrogance that’s irritating to others. French “hauteur” = loftiness < “haut”=high < Latin “altum”=high.

A branch of medicine that deals with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles. French “orthopédie” < Greek “ortho-“=straight, correct, proper + “paideia”=child rearing < “paideuein”=to educate.

Supreme blessedness or happiness. French “béatitude” < Latin “beatitudo”=blessedness < “beatus”=blessed

A bright red mineral of mercury sulphide that is sometimes used as a pigment. Old French “cinabre” < Latin “cinnabaris” < Greek “kinnabari.”

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