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A quick, witty reply.. French “riposte”=a return thrust in fencing < Italian “riposta”= a reply < Latin “respondere”=to reply.

Strengthen or support physically or mentally. French “soustenir” < Latin “sustinere” < “sub”=from below + “tenere”=to hold.

To erase a mark from a surface; to remove. French “effacer” < Latin “ex”=out, away from + “facies”=face.

A vigorous campaign for change. French “croisade”=marked with a cross < Latin “cruciare”=to mark with a cross < “crux”=cross.

A maker of fashionable women’s dresses and hats. French “modiste” < “mode”=fashion < Latin “modus”=manner or “in the style of.”

Dark underground prison, often under castles. French “donjon”=great tower < Latin “domnus”=lord (perhaps sense of “lord’s tower.”

Sweet sugary drink often with alcohol. French “julep” < Latin “julapium” < Arabic “julab” < Persian “gul-ab” <gul=rose + “ab”=water.

Architecture term meaning the lower or inner curve of an arch. French “intrados” < French “dos”=back + Latin “intra”=within.

A thing of no value or importance. French “bagatelle” < Italian “bagatella” < “baga”=baggage.

A thing that moves slowly. French “tardigrade” < Latin “tardigradus”=walking slowly < “tardus”=slow + “gradus”=walk, step.