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Alpine peasant full skirt with bodice. German dialect < diminutive of “dirne”=girl < Old High German “diorna”=girl, maiden.

A leave of absence, esp. in relation to soldiers. Dutch “verlof” < imitation of German “verlaub” < “ver”=for + “laub-“=leave/allow.

Short tube that swimmer uses to breathe under the surface of water. German “Schnorchel”=an air intake on submarines.

A small hill or mound. Old English “cnoll”=hill-top, summit. Same root as German “knolle”=lump, and Dutch “knolle”=clod, turnip.

Military hat with a peak and a pom-pom (ball). Hungarian “csákos süveg”=peaked cap < “csák” = peak < German “zacken”=spike, point.

The distance between two duellers. German “mensur” < Latin “menura” < measure < “metiri” < to measure.

Silver-white metal used to add blue color to other substances. German “kobald”=a mine-dwelling goblin.

Wine infused with aromatic herbs, mainly from France/Italy. French “vermout” < German “wermuth”=wormwood, a flavoring in vermouth.

To spend time idly. Probably back-formation on “loafer” < ?German “landläufer”=a tramp or wanderer (“loffen”=to run).

Dowdy, slovenly, slobby. Yiddish “shlumperdik”=dowdy. Related to German “schlumpe”=slut, whore.

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