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An area of land covered with short grass. Old English “sweard”=skin of the scalp < Germanic “*swarth-“


To store away safely to use later. Shortened Middle English “bistowen” < “bi-“=around” + “stowen”=to place < Germanic “*stowa”=stand.

A shed in which to keep cows. Old English “byre” < possibly Germanic “*burjo”=cottage, dwelling < “*bu-“=to dwell.

Wheeled cart with handles used to transport things. Old English “bearwe”=stretcher, bier < Germanic “ber-“=to carry.

(Of beer) a drink pulled from a cask using a pump. Middle English “draht” < Common Germanic “dragan”=to pull, draw.

To help, relieve, or assist. Old English “be-“=around or beside + “steade”=to stand, remain in place < Germanic “*stadiz”=to stand

A strong, foul, unpleasant smell. Old English “stenc”=smell < Germanic “*stinkw-“

Gesture with your hand for someone to come toward you. Old English “biecnan” < Germanic “*bauknjan” < “*baukno-“=sign, signal.

Large black bird with loud harsh cry and heavy beak. Old English “crawe” < West Germanic “crawan”=to make a loud cry/croak.

A small stream or brook, often used poetically. Origin uncertain but possibly Dutch “ril”=watercourse < Germanic “rithe”=stream.