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A strong, foul, unpleasant smell. Old English “stenc”=smell < Germanic “*stinkw-“

Gesture with your hand for someone to come toward you. Old English “biecnan” < Germanic “*bauknjan” < “*baukno-“=sign, signal.

Large black bird with loud harsh cry and heavy beak. Old English “crawe” < West Germanic “crawan”=to make a loud cry/croak.

A small stream or brook, often used poetically. Origin uncertain but possibly Dutch “ril”=watercourse < Germanic “rithe”=stream.

An ointment put on the skin to stop pain or provide protection. Old English “sealf” < Germanic “*salba” < Sanskrit “sarpis”=butter.

Fake, mock, unreal, bogus. Likely N. English dialect version of “shame” < Old English “scamu”=”feel shame < Germanic “*skamo”=shame.

A stack or pile of hay. Old English “hreac”, ultimately of Germanic origin.

The swell of the ocean caused by the wind. Old Norse “bylgya” < Germanic “belgan”=to swell up.

A county or district, especially in England. Old English “scir”=care, official charge < Germanic “*skiro” or “skizo.”

Lacking or without something; sense of something being taken away. Old English “bereafian”=bereaved < Germanic “*birauthoja.”