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Behaving self-importantly; arrogant. Anglo-Norman “pompe” < Latin “pompa”=procession < Greek “pompi”=parade.


A box for holding valuables. Old French “coffre”=chest < Latin “cophinus” < Greek “kofinos”=basket.

The practice of keeping things clean to prevent disease. Latin “hygieina” < Greek “hugies”=health, physical soundness.

Powerful pain-killing drug made from poppy seeds. Latin “opium” < Greek “opion”=poppy juice < “opos”=vegetable juice.

Common sense; intelligence. Greek “nous”=mind, intellect.

The largest artery that takes blood away from the heart. Greek “aortir”=hangar or strap < “aeirein”=to lift up, to raise.

The round colored part of the eye around the black pupil. Latin “iris” < Greek “iris”=rainbow.

Thick white liquid produced by some plants used to make rubber, glue etc. Latin “latex”=water, fluid < Greek “lataks”=drop of wine

A subject people talk or write about. Latin “topica” < Greek “topika” < “topos”=a place.

A prescribed course of food; the foods one eats. Old French “diete” < Latin “dieta” < Greek “diaita”=a way of life.