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Tower structure or pit used to store grain; underground missile chamber. Spanish “silo” < Latin "sirum" < Greek "siros"=a corn pit.

A runny nose; catarrh. Greek “koruza”=running at the nose.

Causing or promoting peace – particularly in a theological sense. Greek “eirinikos” < ” eirini”=peace.

Related the countryside and country life. Latin “bucolicus” < Greek “boukolikos”=herdmans < “bous”=ox.

Speech or article praising full of praise. Latin “panegyricus”=public eulogy < Greek “pan”=all + “aguris”=an assembly.

Pig fat used for cooking. Old French “lard”=bacon < Latin “lardum”=fat < Greek “larinos”=fat < “laros”=pleasant to taste.

Yellow spring flower like a buttercup. Latin “celidonia” < Greek “kheilidon”=swallow (flower blooms when the swallow arrives).

Lasting just a short time. Greek “ephemeros”=lasting for a day < “epi”=upon, close to + “imera”=day.

A set of principles laid down by an authority as indisputably true. Latin “dogma” < Greek “dogma”=opinion < “dokein”=to seem good.

Internal organ where food is digested. Old French “estomac” < Latin “stomachus” < Greek “stomakos”=gullet < “stoma”=mouth.