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Special anniversary, especially one celebrating fifty years. Latin “jubilaeus” < Hebrew “yobel”=ram’s horn (blown in celebration).

Currency of Israel. Originally a Babylonian unit of weight. Hebrew “sheqel” < “shāqal”=to weigh.

Welsh form of “Johns” < “John”=God is good < Hebrew “yohanan”=Jaweh is gracious.

Common Welsh version of “David”=beloved or dear. Greek “Davith” < Hebrew “dwd”=beloved.

Medieval variation of “John”=God is good < Old French “Jehan” < Latin “Joannes” < Greek “Ionnis” < Hebrew “yohanan”=Jaweh is gracious

Large sea monster. Latin “leviathan” < Hebrew “livyathan”=dragon, sea serpent < ?”liwyah”=to wreath, twist, turn.

Promised deliverer of the Jewish nation or any liberator. Greek “Messias” < Aramaic “mesiha” < Hebrew “masiah” < “masah”=to anoint.

The backside, buttocks, bottom, anus. Yiddish “tokhes” < Hebrew “taḥaṯ”=beneath.

Mad, crazy, or stupid. Yiddish “meshuge” < Hebrew “mĕšugga”=to be made mad. c.f. German “meschugge”=crazy.

Cash, money. Yiddish “mezumen”=cash < Hebrew “mĕzummānīm”=ready money < “zumman”=be prepared < “zĕmān” appointed time.

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