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A covered litter for one passenger, consisting of a large box carried on two horizontal poles by four or six bearers. Portuguese “palanquim” < Hindi “palaki” < Sanskrit “paalyanka”=bed, litter.

Large fan swung backwards and forwards by hand.Hindi “pankha”=fan < Sanskrit “paksa”=wing.

In South Asia, a person who works with elephants. Hindi “mahaut” < Sanskrit “mahamatra” < “maha”=great + “matra”=measure.

A thick tropical forest with many large plants growing close together. Hindi “jangal”=forest < Sanskrit “jangala”=rough, arid.

A crazy or foolish person; an idiot. Hindi “pagal”=a mad person.

Anglo-Indian and Australian colloquialism for a camel. Hindi “ut” < Sanskrit “ustra”=camel.

A plantain from India and Iran. Hindi < Persian “asp”=horse” + “gol”=ear; in reference to the shape of the leaf or seed.

A letter or note. Hindi “chitthi”=letter < Sanskrit “chitra”=a mark or spot.

Ghost of a woman who died in childbirth, believed to spread disease. Hindi “cuá¹›ail.”

To use soapy liquid to clean hair. Originally 18th “to massage (the head)” < Hindi “campo!”=press! < “campna”=to press, push.

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