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An Eskimo woman’s knife having a crescent-shaped blade. Inuit “ulu”=women’s knife.

Among the Inuit of Greenland: a sorcerer or medicine-man. Inuit “angeqok”=wise man, sorcerer.

A peak of rock that is covered by ice but remains distinguishable. Inuit “pingu”=hillock, mound.

A dog-sled used by the people of Labrador, also used as a verb to describe traveling by a komatik. Inuit “qamutik”

Small doll resembling an arctic owl, adopted as a distinctively Canadian symbol or souvenir. Inuit “ukpik”=snowy owl.

The skin and outer blubber of a whale, used as food by the Inuit. Inuit “maktak”=whaleskin with blubber attached.

A long boot of sealskin worn by Eskimo peoples. Inuit “kamik”=foot covering.

A non-Inuit person, spec. a person of European descent. Inuit “qallunaaq.”

A breathing-hole in the ice, made by a seal. Inuit “aglu”=breathing hole.

Dome-shaped Eskimo dwelling, typically built of blocks of compacted snow. Inuit “igloo”=house.

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