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A crispy vegetable with long light green stems. French “cĂ©leri” < Italian “sellari” < Greek “selinon”=parsley.


A sudden and unreasonable change of mind or behavior. Italian “capriccio”=sudden jerky motion < Latin “capra”=goat.

A place in a factory, office, school etc. where cheap meals are sold. French “cantine” < Italian “cantina”=cellar or cave.

A low step or ledge at the back of an altar. Italian “gradino” < Latin “gradus”=step.

A harem; a Turkish palace. Italian “serraglio” < Latin “serraculum”=place of confinement < Persian “serai”=lodging, residence.

In music, played quickly. Italian “presto”=soon, in a short time < Latin “praesto”=close at hand, ready.

An angry and loud speech, often of denouncement. French “tirade”=long speech < Italian “tirata”=a volley < tirare”=to pull, stretch

A mounted soldier, a horseman. French “cavalier” < Italian “cavaliere” < “cavallo”=horse < Latin “cabballus”=horse.

A subdivision of an army, usually part of a division. Italian “brigata”=company < "brigare"=to fight < Latin "briga"=strife.

A quick, witty reply.. French “riposte”=a return thrust in fencing < Italian “riposta”= a reply < Latin “respondere”=to reply.