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A quick, witty reply.. French “riposte”=a return thrust in fencing < Italian “riposta”= a reply < Latin “respondere”=to reply.

In history, the title for the head magistrate of Venice or Genoa. Italian “doge” < Latin “dux”=leader.

A short official statement or memo. Italian “bullettino” < “bulleta”=passport < “bulle”=seal or bull.

A thing of no value or importance. French “bagatelle” < Italian “bagatella” < “baga”=baggage.

A con artist; an imposter. French “charlatan” < Italian “ciarlar” to chatter, prattle, or babble nonsensically.

A cheat, swindler, or charlatan. Italian “montambanco”=”climb on the bench” – alluding to how such a person gained attention!

A musical composition for piano to illustrate the pianist’s technique. Italian “toccata” < “tocarre”=to touch.

Person or group that accompanies someone. French “escorte” < Italian “scorgera”=to conduct < Latin “ex”=out + “corrigere=make right

Of a person, slender and elegant. Italian “svelto” < Latin “exvellare” = “ex-“=out + “vellare”=to pluck.

Member of gangs that rob people, esp in mountain/forests. Old French “brigand”=foot soldier < Italian “brigare”=to contend.