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A sumo wrestling tournament. Japanese “ba”=place, occasion + “sho”=place, location.

Japanese art of flower arranging, usually following strict rules. Japanese “ikeru”=to keep alive + “hana”=flower.

A wealthy, powerful person in business or industry. Japanese “taikun”=great lord or prince < “ta”=great + “kiun”=prince.

1980s video game where blob character is chased through a maze. Japanese “paku” = shortened “paku-paku-taberu”=to eat quickly.

Diverse group of Japanese industries from “mitsu”=three and “hishi”=rhombus – hence the “three diamond” logo.

Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes or objects. Japanese “ori”=fold + “gami”=paper.

Combat sport focusing on unbalancing your opponent using holds and leverage. Japanese “ju”=gentle + “do”=way; a gentle way.

Combat sport where opponents use arms and feet to hit each other. Japanese “kara”=empty + “te”=hand; empty hand (no weapon).

Type of Japanese tea made with kelp. Japanese “konbucha” < “kobu”=seaweed + “cha”=tea < Mandarin “ch’a”=tea.

A hidden quality of graceful beauty or mystery; profound aestheticism. Japanese “yu”=dark + “gen”=the unfathomable.

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