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Grand champion sumo wrestler. Japanese “yoko”=across + “tsuna”=rope, orignally a sacred straw presented to the champion.

Type of loincloth worn by sumo wrestler. Japanese “mawaru”=to go around; related to “maru”=circle.

Short, loose coat worn in Japan. Japanese “haori”=short outer garment.

Japanese color print. Japanese “urushi ye”=lacquer picture” < “Rhus verniciflua”=Japanese lacquer tree.

The tuna fish. C17th Japanese “maguro” < “me”=eye + “guro”=combining form of “kuro”=black.

A small amount of something. Originally US Forces slang, from Japanese “sukoshi”=a little, or somewhat.

Zen Buddhist paradox used to stimulate thinking. From Japanese “ko”=public + “an”=matter or material for thought.

Large, often destructive, sea wave caused by seismic activity. From Japanese “tsu”=harbor + “nami”=waves.

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