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Tower structure or pit used to store grain; underground missile chamber. Spanish “silo” < Latin "sirum" < Greek "siros"=a corn pit.

Very fine woven cloth; light woven paper used to blow the nose. Old French “tissu”=woven < Latin “texere”=to weave.

An exciting and possibly dangerous experience. Old French “aventure” < Latin “advenire”=to happen < “venire”=to come.

An adventure involving daring or excitement. Spanish “escapada” < Latin “ex-“=out of + “cappa”=cloak.

To see or understand something by careful examination. Latin “discernere” < “dis-“=apart + “cernere”=to separate.

Sudden and unexpected; rude or curt in manner. Latin “abruptus”=steep, broken off < “ab-“=away from +”rumpere”=to break.

Being rich; having wealth. Latin “affluens”=flowing freely < “affluere”=to flow < “af-“=away + “fluere”=to flow.

A strong fence made of upright posts. Middle French “palissade” < Latin “palus”=stake, wooden post.

A quick, witty reply.. French “riposte”=a return thrust in fencing < Italian “riposta”= a reply < Latin “respondere”=to reply.

Related the countryside and country life. Latin “bucolicus” < Greek “boukolikos”=herdmans < “bous”=ox.