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The white of an egg, or preparations made from the white of an egg. French “glaire” < Latin “clarus”=clear, bright.


A room where an artist works. Old French “astelle”=thin board, or splinter, of wood < Latin “hastella”=thin stick < “hasta”=spear.

Lacking in quality and/or quality; lean, thin, emaciated. Anglo-Norman “megre” < Latin “macies”=leannness.

A criminal or wrong-doer. Latin “malefactor” < “malefacere”=to do wrong < “malus”=bad, wrong.

A list of things to do or discuss. Latin “agendum”=thing to be done < “agere”=to do, act.

Of, or related to, distant stars or constellations. Latin “sidereus” < “sidus”=star, constellation + “-al”=adj.-forming suffix.

Lying on your back, face upwards, palms up. Latin “supinus”=bent backwards.

To feel extreme sadness, usually because of a death. French “grever”=to burden, press heavily on < Latin “gravis”=heavy, burdensome.

Behaving self-importantly; arrogant. Anglo-Norman “pompe” < Latin “pompa”=procession < Greek “pompi”=parade.

Expressed very strongly without worrying about offending. Old French “trenchant”=cutting < Latin “truncare”=to cut, lop off.