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Moving goods/people illegally in and out of a country. Low German “smukkeln” or Dutch “smokkelen”=to smuggle.

A pustule, boil, or pimple. Probably Low German “quaddel”=swelling, pustule. Related to Old English “cwydele”=swelling, boil.

The sound of a clock. Middle English “tek”=touch lightly < ?Low German “tikk”=a touch. Related to Dutch “tikken”=to pat, tap.

A hollow filled with mud; gangrene. Old English “sloh” < ?related to Low German “slunk”=gorge or abyss.

Breed of dog with tight curly hair, often decoratively cut. Low German “pudelhund” < “puddeln”=to splash + “hund”=dog – a water dog

Small and slender. Low German “slim”=slender + “-ikin”=diminutive meaning “little.”

Piece of leather or rope used to hit someone or something. Middle English “wippe” < Low German “wippen”=to leap about quickly.

To raise or lift something up. Corruption of Middle English “hoisse”=raise (a sail) < Low German “heisan.”

Hollow shaft of a feather, once used for writing. Middle English “quil” < Low German “quiele”=shaft of a feather.

Unit of currency used in the USA. From Low German “daler” < shortened “Joachimstaler”=gulden (coin) from Joachimsthal in Bohemia.

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