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A long blowpipe made from a hollowed cane, used as a weapon. Malay “sumpitan.”

A field where rice is grown. Malay “padi”=rice, especially when still in the husk.

A walking stick made of wood from the port of Malacca. Malay “Melaka”=a port on the west coast of the Malay peninsula in SE Asia.

Africa/Asian mammal with overlapping, horny scales and which feeds on ants/termites. Malay “pengguling”=roller.

Nocturnal and vocal lizard with sticky pads on the feet to help climbing. Malay “gekoq”=imitation of the sound it makes.

Wild or frenzied, always used in the phrase “to run amok.” Malay “amoq”=a frenzied Malay or an animal in a state of rage.

Piece of hanging metal that plays a note when hit. Malay “gong, gung” = imitative of the sound it makes.

A can with a lid, for tea, water, tobacco, biscuits, etc. Corruption of “catty” < Malay-Javanese “kati”=Chinese weight of 625 grams.

Container for holding tea; US a storage can for small items. From Malay “kati”=a weight used in China of 625 grammes/1+1/3rd pounds.

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