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Slang for a cannabis cigarette. Uncertain origin, perhaps 1930s Mexican Spanish “grifo”=smoker of cannabis.

Shawl worn as a cloak by Latin Americans. Mexican Spanish “sarape, serape.”

Mexican dish made from folded tortilla with a range of contents. Mexican Spanish “taco”=plug or wad.

Thick round cake of fried masa dough. Mexican Spanish “gordita”=little fat one < “gordo”=fat < Latin “gurdus”=blockhead.

Loose, embroidered garment worn as by Indian women of Mexico and Guatemala. Mexican Spanish < Nahuatl “huipilli.”

Mexican spirit (mezcal) made by distilling and fermenting sap of a maguey. Mexican Spanish eponym of one major production site.

Corn tortilla bread wrapped around filling and coated with chili sauce. From Mexican Spanish “enchilada”<“en-“=in + “chile”=chili.

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