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Having committed a sin; causing disease. Middle French “peccant”=unhealthy < Latin “peccans”=wrongdoer, sinner < “peccare”=to sin.

A person or company that represents another person or company, especially in business. Middle French “agent” < Latin “agens”=acting, pleader, advocate < “agere”=to act or to do.

To respect and admire someone or something very much. Middle French “reverer”=to feel respect for < Latin “revereri” < “re-“=intensifying prefix + “vereri”=to fear.

An opening, such as a vent, mouth, or hole, through which something may pass. Middle French “orifice”=opening, aperture < Latin “orificium” < “ori-“=mouth + “facere”=to make.

The act of stretching ones limbs because of tiredness; yawning. Middle French “pendiculation” < Latin “pandiculari”=to stretch oneself < “pandere”=to stretch.

To talk in a rambling, foolish, or meaningless way; to wander or act in an aimless, confused manner. Uncertain origin but perhaps “maunder”=to beg (“maunderer”= a beggar) <Middle French “mendier”=to beg.

A tricky situation in which you do not know what to do or have to make a hard choice. Middle French “predicament” < Latin “praedicamentum”=a category, circumstance or condition < “predicare”=to proclaim, declare < “prae”=beforehand + “dicere”=to say.

A length of time with a specific beginning and end. Middle French “periode” < Latin “perihodos”=length of time an illness or disease lasts < Greek “periodos”=going round, reoccurring < “peri-“=arund + “othos”=way.

Moving or going backwards; reverting to a previous state. Middle French “retrograde”=in astronomy, to appear to move east-west in the sky < Latin “retrogradus” < “retro”=backwards + “gradus”=step.

The act of washing oneself; ceremonial washing as part of a religious rite. Middle French “ablucion” < Latin “abluere”=to wash off < “ab-“=away + “lavere”=to wash.

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