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To celebrate in a noisy or boisterous way. Middle French “rustre”=coarse, brutish man < Latin “rusticus”=of the countryside.


A strong fence made of upright posts. Middle French “palissade” < Latin “palus”=stake, wooden post.

Something that blocks the way. Middle French “obstacle” < Latin “obstare”=to stand in the way < “ob”=against”+”stare”=stand.

Suggestive or reminiscent of something. Middle French “redolent”=fragrant < Latin “re(d)-“=again + “olere”=to give off a scent.

Richly impressive, bright, shiny. Middle French “resplendent” < Latin “resplendere” < “re”=intensifier + “splendere”=to shine.

Flaps on airplane wings that control movement in the air. Middle French “aleron”=little wing < Latin “ala”=wing.

Able to act, move, or think quickly. Middle French “agile” < Latin “agere”=to do/act + “-ilis”=adjective-forming suffix.

Thin, light, sword used for thrusting. Middle French “rapière” < “râpe”=rasp or grater, similar to how the hilt looks.

Being the only one of a kind; unlike anything else. Middle French “unic” < Latin “unicus”=one and only, single < “unus”=one.

Raised area on which someone can stand. Middle French “platte-fourme”=flat shape < Latin “forma”=shape + Greek “platus”=flat.