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Gossip or rumor. C19th “scuttle-butt”, a cask of water on a ship around which sailors would chat c.f. “water cooler.”

Look at with a fixed gaze, usually angrily. Obscure origin ? Old English “glowan”=to glow c.f Danish “glo”=to stare.

Crazy or mad. Unknown origin but appeared 1945 and thought to be from “bonk”=sound of blow to the head (leading to craziness).

Dark, dim, or unclear. From Latin “obscurus”=covered over < “ob-“=over + “scurus”=covered. c.f Latin “scutum”=shield.

A vehicle that is old, unreliable and prone to breaking down. Onomatopoeic – from late c.1800 derived from the sound of a clunk.

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