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Something given to someone for free and willingly. Old English “gift” < Old Norse “gipt” < Old Germanic “*giftiz”=to give.


A shed in which to keep cows. Old English “byre” < possibly Germanic “*burjo”=cottage, dwelling < “*bu-“=to dwell.

Time towards end of the day, about 6:00 to bedtime. Old English “aefnung”=the coming on of dusk.

Apart; separated. Old English “on sundren”=in/into a separate place < “a-“=in/within” + “sunder”=separate or peculiar.

Wheeled cart with handles used to transport things. Old English “bearwe”=stretcher, bier < Germanic “ber-“=to carry.

A male non-worker honey-bee; a low humming sound (like a bee). Old English “draen”=male bee.

The home of a wild animal. Old English “leger”=resting place, bed < Old Germanic “*legro-“=to lie (down).

To pull something away from someone by force. Old English “wraestan”=twist, tighten.

To help, relieve, or assist. Old English “be-“=around or beside + “steade”=to stand, remain in place < Germanic “*stadiz”=to stand

To make someone feel annoyed or resentful. Old English “gealle”=a sore on a horse (which would be painful and annoying).