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To tease someone in a good-humored way. Old English “aetwitan” < “aet”=at + “witan”=to blame or reproach.


To put in order, to tidy up, to prepare for battle. Old English “fetel”=band, girdle, belt < Old Germanic “*fatilo-z”=to hold.

To shine like light reflected off water. Old English “glisnian”=to shine < Old Germanic root “*glis-“

An area of land covered with short grass. Old English “sweard”=skin of the scalp < Germanic “*swarth-“

Someone who steals another person’s property. Old English “thiof” < Old Germanic “*theubaz.”

A round building with a pointed top used for drying hops. Old English “ast”=kiln < Indo-European “ad”=fire or funeral fire.

A number 2 wood club in golf, which was originally shod with brass. Old English “braes”; origin unknown.

Something given to someone for free and willingly. Old English “gift” < Old Norse “gipt” < Old Germanic “*giftiz”=to give.

A shed in which to keep cows. Old English “byre” < possibly Germanic “*burjo”=cottage, dwelling < “*bu-“=to dwell.

Time towards end of the day, about 6:00 to bedtime. Old English “aefnung”=the coming on of dusk.