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Cows and bulls kept on a farm for their meat or milk. Old French “chattel”=property < Latin “capitalis” < “caput”=head.

A prescribed course of food; the foods one eats. Old French “diete” < Latin “dieta” < Greek “diaita”=a way of life.

Lecture in an aggressive and critical way. Old French “arenge” < Latin “harange”=a loud or vehement address; a tirade.

Place where people gather to buy and sell goods. Old French “markiet” < Latin “mercatus” < “mercari”=to buy or trade.

Of great value and not to be wasted. Old French “precios” < Latin “pretiotus”=of great value < “pretium”=price.

Irregular and unpredictable; without a pattern. Old French “erratique” < Latin “erraticus” < “errare”=to wander.

Solid and strong in build, used of people and things. Old French “estourdi”=reckless, obstinate.

A young member of a famous or important family. Old French “cion”=a twig or shoot, possibly < Old Germanic "*ki-"=to sprout, split.

Acting in a kind, tender and careful way; causing no harm. Old French “gentil”=noble < Latin "gentilis"=of the same race or family.

Very fine woven cloth; light woven paper used to blow the nose. Old French “tissu”=woven < Latin “texere”=to weave.