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To express disapproval or disappointment with someone’; to blame. Old French “reprochier” < Latin “re-“bring back” + “prope”=close/near.


A curse. French “mali├žon” < Old French “malei├žon”=damnation < Latin “maledicere” < “male”=badly + “dicere”=to speak.

Gentle and careful in a way that shows love. Old French “tendre” < Latin “tenere”=delicate.

A person who entertains guests, often providing food and drink. Old French “hoste” < Latin “hospitem”=guest, stranger.

A window that sticks out vertically from a sloped roof. Old French “dormeor”=dormitory < Latin “dormitorium” < “dormire”=to sleep.

Legally or officially acceptable; having a sound basis in logic or fact. Old French “valide”=strong < Latin “valdere”=to be strong.

A freshwater fish with barbels around the mouth. Old French “carpe” , Latin “carpa” < ? West Germanic “*karpo” but uncertain.

A durable worsted or cotton cloth. Old French “guavardine” < ?Middle High German “wallevert”=coat worn by a pilgrim.

Part of the law courts which deals with equity. Shortened “chancellery” < Old French “chancellerie” < “chancelier”=secretary.

A room where an artist works. Old French “astelle”=thin board, or splinter, of wood < Latin “hastella”=thin stick < “hasta”=spear.