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Wise and careful use of money, so that none is wasted. Middle English “thryft” < Old Norse “thrifa”=to grab, clutch, or grasp.


Something given to someone for free and willingly. Old English “gift” < Old Norse “gipt” < Old Germanic “*giftiz”=to give.

A strong taste, flavor, or smell; a sharp, point of a knife. Middle English “tonge” < Old Norse “tange”=point, sharp edge.

To catch the fascinated attention of someone. Old English “thrael” < Old Norse “thrall”=servitude, bondage, captivity.

The swell of the ocean caused by the wind. Old Norse “bylgya” < Germanic “belgan”=to swell up.

A small lake on a mountain. Middle English “terne” < Old Norse “tjorn.”

guile: Cunning deceit; sly treachery. Middle English “gile” < Old French “guile” < ? Old Norse “vel”=craftiness or artifice.

Lacking or without something; sense of something being taken away. Old English “bereafian”=bereaved < Germanic “*birauthoja.”

An area of loose rocks/gravel on the side of a hill. Old Norse “skritha”=landslip < “skritha”=to glide or slide.

To make a high-pitched scream or cry. Middle English “screke” < Old Norse “skraekja”=scream – probably from the sound.