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C17th word meaning to grope or grasp. Old English “grapian” < ?Old Teutonic “*graipojan”=to grasp.

Rigid, unbendable, acting formally. Old English “stif” < Old Teutonic “*stifo”=rigid.

Intense/selfish desire for something. Old English “graedig”=hunger < ?Old Teutonic “*gredago.” Related to Sanksrit “grdh”=be greedy.

Having a bad disposition; surly. 14th century “mean person” < Old English “ceorl”=man < ?Old Teutonic “*kerloz”=man

Create difficulties for someone, block. Old English “hindrian”= injure or damage < Old Teutonic “*hindarojan”=put or keep back.

To be in pain or sorrow. Old English “stund”=a short time, but also a painful time < Old Teutonic “*stundo.”

Characterized by great caution and wariness. Old English “cearig”=Old High German “charag” < Old Teutonic “kara”=sorrow

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