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Sweet sugary drink often with alcohol. French “julep” < Latin “julapium” < Arabic “julab” < Persian “gul-ab” <gul=rose + “ab”=water.

Chess piece like a castle tower. Old French “rok” < Arabic “rukk” < Persian “ruc” < ?Sanskrit “ratha”=chariot (original piece).

Long garment worn by clergy. French “casaque”=long coat < Persian “kazhayand”=padded jerkin < “kaz”=silk + “ayand”=stuffed.

Piece of fabric worn on the head, shoulders, or used to wrap a baby. Persian “sal,” possibly from the town of Shaliat in India.

A fairy; a graceful person. Persian “pari”=fairy, ginn, angel < Middle Persian “parik”=evil genius < Avestan “pairika”=female demon.

A container made from a calabash plant or other gourd. French “calabasse” < Spanish “calabaca”=pumpkin < Persian “karbuz”=melon.

Small building from which newspapers, sweets etc. are sold. French “kiosque”=pavilion < Turkish “kiushk” < Persian “kus”=palace

Loose-fitting jacket and trousers for sleeping in. Urdu “pay-jama” < Persian “pay”=foot, leg + “jama”=clothing.

Headdress made by wrapping long piece of cloth around the head. Turkish “tulbent” < Persian “duband.”

Flower with head like a slender cup. Vulgar Turkish “tuliband” < Persian “dulband”=turban; the flower looks like one.