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A fairy; a graceful person. Persian “pari”=fairy, ginn, angel < Middle Persian “parik”=evil genius < Avestan “pairika”=female demon.

A container made from a calabash plant or other gourd. French “calabasse” < Spanish “calabaca”=pumpkin < Persian “karbuz”=melon.

Small building from which newspapers, sweets etc. are sold. French “kiosque”=pavilion < Turkish “kiushk” < Persian “kus”=palace

Loose-fitting jacket and trousers for sleeping in. Urdu “pay-jama” < Persian “pay”=foot, leg + “jama”=clothing.

Headdress made by wrapping long piece of cloth around the head. Turkish “tulbent” < Persian “duband.”

Flower with head like a slender cup. Vulgar Turkish “tuliband” < Persian “dulband”=turban; the flower looks like one.

A covered cart that people can sleep in. French “caravane” < Persian “karwan” = group of merchants or pilgrims traveling together.

A danger or risk. Old French “hasard”=dice game < Arabic “az-zahr”=chance, luck < Persian “zar”=dice.

A market selling a wide-range of goods. Italian “bazarro” < Turkish “bazar”=a Middle Eastern marketplace < Persian “bazar”=market.

Long thin green vegetable with a pointed end. Latin “asparagus” < Greek “asparagos” < possibly Persian “sparag”=shoot/sprout.

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