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A person who is dirty, lazy, and unpleasant. Irish >slab”=mud, sludge, related to Scandinavian “slabb”=wet filth, slops.

A big mistake; to make a mistake. Middle English “blondren”=to confuse or mix up < ?ultimately of Scandinavian origin.

To stay out of sight, often in a sinister or cowardly way. Scandinavian in origin, c.f. Norwegian “skulka”=lurk.

Laughing coarsely or scornfully. Middle English “fleer”=to grimace < Scandinavian c.f. Norwegian/Danish “flira”=to grin.

Scottish skirt made of plaid, typically word by men. Scandinavian c.f. Danish “kilte”=to tuck up, and Old Norse “kilting”=a skirt.

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