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A low drinking or gambling place. US slang < “deadfall”=a trap for large animals that has a hole down which they fall.

Gossip or rumor. C19th “scuttle-butt”, a cask of water on a ship around which sailors would chat c.f. “water cooler.”

Slang for stupid, annoying person; dickhead. Slang “knob”=penis < Middle English/Middle Low German “knob”=lump that sticks out.

Extended form of “yob”=a lout, hooligan, or bad boy. Originated in 1859 as backslang from “boy.”

To take control of a vehicle and use it for your own ends. C20th US slang ? from “highway” and “jacker”=one who takes.

Slang (Jamaican) for despicable person (?sanitary towel). Dutch “poes”=cat, used for “woman” + “claat”=Jamaican variant of cloth.

Humorous slang for vagina. Latin “vagina”=sheath, scabbard.

A small worthless amount. US slang < “doodle-squat”=”doodle”=excrement + “squat”=to sit and defecate.

Slang for person skilled in technology but socially inept and introverted. From “nerts” < euphemism for “nuts”=crazy.

Expert in a technical field, particularly computers (1984). From regional English “geck”=foolish or worthless.

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