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A wine shop or cellar; a small grocery store in an Hispanic neighborhood. Spanish “bodega” < Latin < “apotheca” < Greek “apotheke”=a store.


A symbol (~) found above Spanish vowels indicating a “nj” sound. Spanish “tilde’ < Latin “titulus”=an inscription (title) above an object labeling it.

Stemmed glass used for sherry that tapers at the top. Spanish “copa”=cup < Latin “cuppa”=drinking vessel.

A rope used as a lasso or to tie things together. Spanish “la reata” < “la”+”reata”=rope for tying animals < Latin “aptare”=to adjust.

A thin piece of cord or wire used to strangle someone. Spanish “garrote” but origin ultimately unknown.

A sure-thing, certainty; something easy. Spanish “cincha”=a strap tied around horses to hold things secure (certain).

Light women’s underwear covering chest to waist with narrow shoulder straps. Spanish “camisola” < Latin "camisa"=shirt.

Tower structure or pit used to store grain; underground missile chamber. Spanish “silo” < Latin "sirum" < Greek "siros"=a corn pit.

An adventure involving daring or excitement. Spanish “escapada” < Latin “ex-“=out of + “cappa”=cloak.

Round green vegetable with edible buds and leaves. Spanish “alcarchofa” < Arabic “al-karsufa” < “al”=the + “karsufa.”

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