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A slice of meat. Middle English “colope”=eggs on ham, possibly from same roots as Swedish “kalops”=beef stew.

Unpleasantly cold and damp. Middle English “danke” < same Scandinavian root as Swedish “dank”=marshy spot.

Large round yellow root vegetable. Also called a “swede.” Swedish dialect “rotebagge” < “rot”=root + “bagge”=short, stumpy.

Scandinavian mythical cave-dwelling giant. Old Norse and Swedish “troll.” n.b. “trolldomr”=witchcraft.

Become twisted and caught in a rope, net etc. Latin “in-“=to cause or make + ?Swedish dialect “taggla”=disarrange.

Being short and stout or plump. Uncertain origin but c.f. Swedish dialect “sqvabbig”=flabby; Norwegian “sqvabb”=a soft wet mass.

To make chirping noises, like a bird. Imitative origin – sound of twittering c.f. Old High German “zwiziron” and Swedish “qvittra”

Collection of foxes (1450), or any group that skulks. From Norwegian “skulka”=lurk or Danish “skulke”/Swedish “skolka”=shirk.

To argue noisily, usually over something trivia or unimportant. From Scandinavian (prob. Swedish) “skvabbel”=quarrel.

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