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A fast, whirling Italian dance. Named after the town of Tarentum in Southern Italy, which is also the origin of the tarantula spider. The whirling dance was thought to be cure for a tarantula bite.

Thick white sauce, made of raw egg yolks and oil, often eaten on sandwiches or salad. Uncertain origin, possibly from feminine of French “mahonnais” meaning “from Port Mahon , capital of Minorca.”

The art of making women’s hats. Toponym from Italian “Milano”=the city of Milan, from where women’s hats and apparel were made < Latin “Mediolanum,” the chief city of Lombardy.

A walking stick made of wood from the port of Malacca. Malay “Melaka”=a port on the west coast of the Malay peninsula in SE Asia.

A type of dry white wine from Germany. An abbreviation of “Hochheimer Wein”=wine from Hocheim.

A type of young onion with a small round end and a long green stem. Anglo-Norman “scaloun” < based on Latin “Ascalonia caepa”= onion from Ascalon, a port in Palestine.

A public open-air swimming pool or beach. Named from Italian town of Lido, beach resort near Venice < Latin “lidus”=shore.

A type of fiber used for rope made from the agave plant. Named after the port of Sisal in Yucatan, Mexico.

Type of fine coffee, produced in or shipped from Yemen. Toponym from port of Mocha in Yemen > Arabic “al-Muka.”

A flat-topped conical red hat with a black tassel on top, Turkish “fes” after the town of Fez, Morocco, where it was chiefly made.

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