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Multinational sporting good manufacturer, named after the Greek goddess “Nike,” which means “victory.”

Danish toy company, famed for its plastic bulding blocks, named from the Danish words “leg godt”=play well.

Fast-food chain named from the sound of the company’s founders, the Raffel Brothers (RBs), Forrest and Leroy.

Diverse group of Japanese industries from “mitsu”=three and “hishi”=rhombus – hence the “three diamond” logo.

International coffee company named after the character “Starbuck” in Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick.”

Richard Branson’s airline, telecoms and media business named when an employee said “Why not Virgin? We’re… virgins at business.”

Office services company named after the nickname of its founder, Paul Orfalea, called “Kinko” because of his curly hair.

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