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A female slave or concubine in a harem; an exotic, sexually attractive woman; a representation of a sexually attractive figure in art. French “odalisque” < Turkish “odalik” =chamber, room + “lik”=suffix expressing function.

The art of tying string in patterns to make decorative items. Turkish “mikrama” < Arabic “miqrama”=bedspread, bed-cover.

A heelless slipper, typically of an oriental style. French “babouche” < Turkish “pabuc”=slipper < Persian “papos” < “pa”=foot + “pos”=covering.

A bed or low soft seat without a back or arms. Turkish “divan” < Persian “diwan”=bench.

Small building from which newspapers, sweets etc. are sold. French “kiosque”=pavilion < Turkish “kiushk” < Persian “kus”=palace

Headdress made by wrapping long piece of cloth around the head. Turkish “tulbent” < Persian “duband.”

A flat-topped conical red hat with a black tassel on top, Turkish “fes” after the town of Fez, Morocco, where it was chiefly made.

Flower with head like a slender cup. Vulgar Turkish “tuliband” < Persian “dulband”=turban; the flower looks like one.

Tower on a mosque from which a muezzin calls Muslims to prayer. Turkish “minare” < Arabic “manara”=lighthouse < “nara”=to shin

Mythical dead person who sucks the blood of the living. Hungarian/Magyar “vampir” < ? Turkish “uber”=a witch.

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