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A type of embroidery using gold and silver thread. Urdu “zardozi” < Persian “zardoz”=gold embroiderer < “zar”=gold + “dozidan”=to sew, stitch.

A respectful title used by an Indian in addressing a European. Urdu “sahib” < Arabic “sahib”=friend, lord.

An older sister or term of respect for an older woman. Urdu “apa” = older sister < Sanskrit “atman”=self.

Loose-fitting jacket and trousers for sleeping in. Urdu “pay-jama” < Persian “pay”=foot, leg + “jama”=clothing.

A Muslim tomb. Urdu “mazar” < Arabic “mazar”=place which one visits < “zara”=to visit.

Long shawl or cloak worn by Muslim women to cover them. Urdu “chadar”=cloth covering a tomb < Persian “cadar”=sheet or veil.

Teardrop-shaped unleavened Indian bread cooked in an oven. Urdu “nan”=loaf, bread < Persian “nan”=bread.

A Muslim shrine or the journey to that place. Hindi < Urdu < Arabic “ziyarat”=pilgrimage < “zvr”=to visit.

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