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A type of smoked salmon. Yiddish “laks” < German “lachs”=salmon.

The backside, buttocks, bottom, anus. Yiddish “tokhes” < Hebrew “taḥaṯ”=beneath.

A young, inexperienced, or insignificant person. Yiddish “pisher”=little squirt, pisser < Middle High German “pissen”=to piss.

Mad, crazy, or stupid. Yiddish “meshuge” < Hebrew “mĕšugga”=to be made mad. c.f. German “meschugge”=crazy.

Cash, money. Yiddish “mezumen”=cash < Hebrew “mĕzummānīm”=ready money < “zumman”=be prepared < “zĕmān” appointed time.

An impractical visionary. Yiddish “luftmensch” < German “luft”=air + “mensch”=people.

Clumsy, awkward person, esp. one who is socially inept. Yiddish “klutz” < German “klotz”=block of wood.

To chat, gossip, engage in a long and intimate conversation. Yiddish “shmuesn”=to chat, talk < Hebrew “shĕmū‘ah”=rumor.

The ceremony where a Jewish male is circumcised. Yiddish “bris” < Hebrew “bĕrīṯ”=covenant < short form of “bĕrīṯ milā.”

To haul, carry, or drag. Yiddish “shlepn” < German “schleppen”=to drag.

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