Short description of a book for promo purposes. Eponymous from fictional “Belinda Blurb” invented by writer Gelett Burgess in 1914.


Sharp and/or bitter; something that causes skin to contract. Latin “astringere”< “ad-“towards + “stringere”=to tie, bind.

To cite something as evidence. Latin “adducere”=to lead or introduce < “ad-“toward” + “ducere”=to lead, conduct.

A disorderly dispute or quarrel; a row. Irish English shortened pronunciation of “insurrection” (1809 “…the last ‘ruction.”)

A male non-worker honey-bee; a low humming sound (like a bee). Old English “draen”=male bee.

The practice of keeping things clean to prevent disease. Latin “hygieina” < Greek “hugies”=health, physical soundness.

The home of a wild animal. Old English “leger”=resting place, bed < Old Germanic “*legro-“=to lie (down).

To correct or revise a piece of text. Latin “emendare”=to correct < “e-“=out of + “menda”=fault.

Lasting forever; endless in time. Old French “eternal” < Latin “aeternalis” < “aeturnus”=of great age < aevum”=age.

To pull something away from someone by force. Old English “wraestan”=twist, tighten.