To talk in order to reach agreement, often in business/politics. Latin “negotiari”=to do business < “neg-“=not + “otium”=leisure

Relating to the sky; the highest part of heaven, believed to be a realm of pure fire. Greek “empurios” < “em”=in + “pur”=fire.

Brilliance, acclaim, social success. French “eclater”=to burst out < Proto-Germanic “*slitana”=to split apart, cut up.

Of time, to pass by. Latin “elabi”=to slip or glide away < “e-” (variant of “ex”)=away, out + “labi”=glide, slip, or fall.

Traveling from place to place, always on the move. Latin “itinerare”=to travel < “itiner-“=a road, journey, or way.

Clumsy; showing no skill at something. Latin “ineptus”=unsuited, foolish < “in-“=without + “aptus”=suited, appropriate.

Incapable of producing offspring; free of micro-organisms. Latin “sterilis” < Greek “steira”=a barren cow < “sterifos”=barren.

A mounted soldier, a horseman. French “cavalier” < Italian “cavaliere” < “cavallo”=horse < Latin “cabballus”=horse.

Unable to walk as a result of an injury or illness. Old English “lama”=infirm, disabled < Old Germanic “*lamo-“=weak.

Irregular and unpredictable; without a pattern. Old French “erratique” < Latin “erraticus” < “errare”=to wander.