A harsh, scolding woman. From Latin “tri”=three + “vagrant”=wandering – refers to the moon wandering between heaven, earth, and hell under the names Selene, Artemis, and Persephone.


A serious promise, often made publicly. Anglo-Norman “plege”=hostage, guarantor < Latin “plevium”=security.

Sudden desire to act without thinking about consequences. Latin “impellere”=to act, do, force < “im-“=towards + “pellere”=to drive.

To shine like light reflected off water. Old English “glisnian”=to shine < Old Germanic root “*glis-“

Legally responsible to do something. Anglo-Norman “liable” < Latin “ligare”=to bind or tie.

The state of being very poor or lacking resources. Anglo-Norman “poverte” < Latin “paupertas” < “pauper”=poor.

A thin piece of cord or wire used to strangle someone. Spanish “garrote” but origin ultimately unknown.

An area of land covered with short grass. Old English “sweard”=skin of the scalp < Germanic “*swarth-“

Unspoken or unvoiced; implied without being stated. Latin “tacitus” < “tacere”=to be silent.

A small railway carriage at the back of a train. Dutch “kabuis” = kitchen on a ship (transferred sense to train in US in C18th).